Tim Lener, Principal
I think I’m one of the lucky ones, or just very fortunate to love what I do every day. Architecture, design and building have been my passion since I was a child. It started out with drawings of cartoons, then building tree houses, then mastering architectural drawing at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, NY. That’s where I discovered that architecture would be my career.

My thesis project at the New York Institute of Technology featured a residential design for” a new American town”, earning me a Bachelor of Architecture degree with high honors.

I’ve always been attracted to the design of the home. Your home is the place where you spend most of your lives, and I believe that the space that surrounds you has a profound effect on who you are. When you call to ask us for more space, or to change the space you have, you’re providing us with the unique opportunity to shape and enhance your living experience. It is extremely fulfilling for us to accomplish this with you.

JoAnn and I will guide you through the design and building process to a successful completion of your project and the realization of your dreams.

JoAnn B. Lener, Project Designer

Growing up in a coastal town in Massachusetts and graduating from Roger Williams College in Rhode Island had a lot to do with how I design homes today. I believe that my love for the traditional character of historical homes is what led me to architecture. I try to re-create the charm and detail of those houses and give you the feeling of being home.

Being a woman in architecture, it is important for me to listen carefully to all of our clients’ wish lists and create warm, livable and inviting spaces that go beyond their imaginations. I want to maximize the efficiency of these spaces, and make them a place you don’t want to leave. Living in them should be a rewarding experience.

Since joining the firm in 2001, Tim and I have designed many projects that we’re proud of. It is very satisfying to leave our clients with beautiful homes they will enjoy with their families and be happy with for many years to come.

Sam, Grace & Rosy Lener, Office Greeters

We joined our parents firm in September of 2009, when we were just four months old. Our main responsibilities are to be cute, calm, and quiet, yet entertaining when clients come to our office. You will often see us walking our parents around Pleasantville during the day; it’s our favorite part of going to work. Treats for us are always welcome!

Tim and JoAnn Lener